Spirit of Nature Walks

Author and Naturalist, Ross Gardner has enjoyed a long standing interest in the natural world, spanning over 30 years which has allowed him to develop a substantial knowledge of British Wildlife.  During this time he has worked professionally and voluntarily in the environmental/conservation field, with a background Degree in Rural Environmental Management. Since 2002 he has written several books and articles. Two of his books include:

The Greater World of Little Things

With nature, as with so many other facets of our engagement with the world, first impressions are important. It can safely be said and without the slightest delusion towards any sort of profundity, that nature is big, much bigger than the spaces we would normally expect it to occupy. While those initial impressions of it are powerful and significant, they could never reveal all that might feasibly be revealed. A second impression is required – a third, a fourth, and more.

The natural world can intrigue us, enthral or even overwhelm us. But why? Perhaps we need not look too deeply and merely absorb the moments. Perhaps though, the moments are more poignant if we do examine them more closely. Perhaps we require a balance between the two. It is this last that I hope this book achieves in appropriate measure.

It is a book that seeks to encourage a different view of the supposedly normal, or simply just a better look at what we think we have grown accustomed to; the simple interactions of a hedgerow that we walk past every day; the astonishing in the familiar; the unfolding pleasures of a subtle alteration of perspective. It also offers consideration towards the more intrinsic – us, our place and our connection with the natural world.

Never A Dull Moment

 A book about the germ of childhood interest and the growth of a passion.  Of reconnecting with the natural world and the ways in which it might touch every aspect of our life.  Of the simple pleasures, moments of awe and emotional ties; from the first childhood glimmer of a dawning interest to an all-consuming passion of later life.

 The book draws attention to the abundant fascinations of the natural world and the rich rewards that an interest in it can bring.  As children there is the wonder and amazement of new plants, animals and places, the early realisation of the wild world that begins to unfold from our very own doorstep.  With adulthood comes a fuller appreciation of the natural wonders that once may have been overlooked. The inclination to not take for granted the splendour of the truly wild country: the rugged uplands and remote coasts. A realisation of a need to get back to basics – to look with fresh eyes at the ‘normal’ or seemingly insignificant. Mirroring the cyclical qualities of nature itself, the way that the natural world is perceived comes full circle and an underlying philosophy emerges.

Ross will be escorting all Spirit of Nature Walks personally with only a small group from the Cottage. He will be giving the party a post Luncheon talk before the party Walk to Hamford Water Nature Walk. This is your chance to be take to the country path with a real expert. Throw all the cliches of Essex away.. this is ‘Olde Essex’.. the real Essex of the Sunday Times Number one bestseller, The Essex Serpent ! Ross will show you personally the evocative estuarine landscape, the little known natural treasures of Essex and accustom your ear to the sound of nature in the wild !

This is a once in a life time experience with a true expert in his field.


Hamford Water, Nature Reserve